Southwind Areas of Expertise

Our practical, structured, and replicable processes provide a company of our size with the tools to assure our teams' ultimate success as we work to attain the highest levels of customer delight. Our project methodology helps to increase the speed and efficiency in the custom building process and helps us, time and again, to deliver our custom homebuilding projects on time and on budget.

Chief among our best practices is a company-wide process that emphasizes integrating the homeowner into the decision-making process and incorporating the homeowner's wants and needs into the design and construction of the resulting custom home. Southwind is pleased to have within its ranks executive staff, superintendents and project managers each of whom possesses the foundational knowledge required to:

  • support individual homeowners from start to finish;
  • integrate homeowners into the process throughout;
  • manage multifunctional teams throughout the process; and
  • leverage maximum value from the process.

This best practice ultimately ensures a successful project—which, in turn means another brilliant custom home. And another highly satisfied customer!

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